Saturday, October 15, 2011

Knitted blanket finished.

Last night I finished my knitted blanket that I started last November. I can't believe I've actually finished it in under a year, as I left it alone for ages whilst I learnt to crochet. I'm incredibly proud of it, it is beautiful.

The pattern is from Debbie Abrahams book Blankets and throws to knit. It is full of gorgeous blankets that you just want to own. 

I've actually made my blanket two rows less than the original as I felt it was big enough for me. I also changed one of the patterns as I wasn't keen on the original, but that's the beauty of it you can adapt it to your tastes. In the end I decided to crochet the edging instead of picking up hundreds of stitches and also left out the beads from the edging. I think it still looks ok though.

I haven't decided yet where to put it, but I feel it needs to be out on display for all to see, admire and stroke.

The yarn is funny to work with it's Rowan Denim and it acts like denim as well, all the colour comes out on your hands and stains the wooden knitting needles. It also fades and shrinks when washed. Debbie suggests making up the blanket and then washing it but I as usual decided to do it differently. I washed the individual squares in separate coloured batches and then sewed them together, I couldn't face the risk of the blue running into the cream it would have been heartbreaking after all that work.
It has been a complete labour of love but I am quite pleased that I have finished it, I have so many other projects I want to get on with including the ripple- along with Lucy from Attic 24.
Hope you like it as well, let me know if you have made this blanket I would love to see your pictures.  


  1. That is really lovely what a good job you have made of it well done. I am also loving the chickens, can't wait to see the next creative offering. x

  2. What a beautiful blanket, and what a lot of time and work you must have put into it. Just lovely.

  3. It's gorgeous! You should be proud of it.

  4. Hello SusieT. Your work is breathtaking. I was wondering, have you washed the blanket since making it? I'd be interested in making it too, but maybe not if the blue runs into the cream as you feared. - Siobhan

    1. Hi Siobhan thanks for the comment. I washed the squares separately in same colourways before I sewed them together and it hasn't been washed since , but it doesn't get used so it's not dirty.It is a worry about it running. You could always make a couple of squares and wash them together and see what happens before you start the full thing. Good luck with it.Sue

  5. I can't find the pattern to make this. Thanks x

  6. Hi there, I love this blanket and it was suggested to me by a friend if I could make it for her friends baby boy. But I think I would use a different wool as it's likely to need to be washed. However, the link in your blog doesn't take me to the pattern. Do you perhaps have a different link? I would so love to make this :)