Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished sock

Just a quickie today to show you my finished sock. I'm so pleased with it as it was my first attempt at four needle  knitting.

The thought of it terrified me but I was assured that it was easy. Once I got started and comfy with holding the needles it was surprisingly easy. I didn't find it as difficult doing the heel as I imagined but then that might be because I have already made three pairs of socks on two needles. The best part of it was not having to sew up the seams afterwards. 
               Dashing off now to start its partner because I'm desperate  to wear them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New book and dreams

As promised here's a peek at my new book that arrived last week. Doesn't it look exciting? I spent many happy hours dreaming about which pair to make.

 Would it be this pair......

 or this pair.......

 or how about these gorgeous ones?

My mind was buzzing with excitement, I was going to rattle them all out one after the other, but then my dreams started to disintegrate as I tried to get to grips with knitting on four needles. It turned out to be a nightmare. I cast on, poked myself lots and then unravelled it many times. It just didn't seem to be as easy as I thought. I felt like throwing the whole lot out, I was so frustrated. But my good friend has just managed to do it so I couldn't give up that easily. Anyway I persevered and before long I had cracked it and it was quite easy. This is as far as I have got up to now.

Obviously I'm not doing any of the patterns out of the book as I need to start with a basic, plain sock. But watch this space.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Well I've finished the tank top at last. Had plenty of knitting time yesterday as Little T was off school with a tummy bug. So we sat together on the sofa and had a lazy day.

Hope you like it. I'm pleased with how its worked out and also that it actually fits.Its knitted in Sirdar crofter Dk which makes it look like I've put a lot of effort in to create the pattern but actually its dyed to create that fair isle effect . I need to start something else now, I think I might attempt a pair of socks on four needles -help! 
            A new knitting book has arrived for me this week but I will show you that next time. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Marmalade time

Its that time of year again when seville oranges are in season and we all rush out to buy them. But its my first time making marmalade and I was quite excited and also a bit nervous - would it all work out ok? 

The worst bit of the whole process was chopping up the skins into tiny pieces, it was fiddly and time consuming, so my mind started to wander onto my next knitting project - hmm, socks. Daydreaming over, the next step was to soak them overnight in juice and water to soften the peel.

 After adding a lot of sugar- 2kgs to 1kg of fruit and some lemon juice (sevilles are very bitter) it was all simmered for 2 hours, then boiled for 30 mins and finally poured into sterile jars. And did it work out ok?

It made 10 jars in total! That's more than enough for two of us (the youngest member of the family looks at it like its poison!). I might have to share it with our neighbours who chicken-sit on occasions. It tastes great too, but  it is still slightly bitter like Ye olde English marmalade, but thats how we like it. I would definitely make it again and all I need to do now is make some bread to go with it.
The  recipe came from Preserves by Pam Corbin.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free range no more.


The problem I've been having with these two pests is that they do.....

 this damage to the garden.

So I needed to find a solution before the growing season started as they can empty a veg bed of seedlings in record time. I found the ideal thing from Omlet, it is moveable netting.   

It arrived today and I'm really pleased with it. Its 25m long which is more than enough for my two chickens and it comes with 15 poles which are easy to attach.

It didnt take me long to put up on my own and my two unhelpful assistants were nicely contained. They are not happy as they are used to wandering wherever they want. I've fenced them into the veg patch for now so they can scratch around and eat all the nasties and fertilise the ground as they go. They come out at teatime and are put into their house with the aid of a nice treat of mealworms to thank them for their hardwork.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A pleasant afternoon

It 's a horrible wet, dismal and cold day in Lincolnshire so I spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa with my knitting and listening to the audio version of one of my all time favourite stories - Three men in a boat  by Jerome K Jerome. It was a xmas pressie from my hubby. It certainly brightened my day. I also finished my socks.

Now they are finished I'm starting my new project , this tank top made in crofter DK which my good friend got me for xmas. Hopefully it fits properly because the last cardie I made was huge.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My first post.

Welcome to my blog. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs so I thought I would create my own. It will contain all the things  I am interested in, knitting, gardening, cooking and hen-keeping. I have recently got back into knitting and am now obsessed, I cant put my needles down!  

This is my latest half finished project. The wool I am using is Madeline Tosh sock yarn in sugarplum it is gorgeous to work with. I am using the two needle method as it is easy but my next pair will be attempted on four needles. Will let you know how I get on. Off to carry on with knitting now.