Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet Bunny

I've finished my knitted bunny, what do you think? He doesn't look like the original one in the book but I think he looks quite cute.

Do you like his cheeky face?

I don't know his name yet, I'm waiting for him to tell me it.

And I haven't made him any clothes so far, I will have to work on that. I'm very pleased with him even though he was very fiddly to make but the pattern was easy enough to follow. He's knitted on 5 dpns and the arms,legs and head are all knitted together so no horrible sewing them on (I'm rubbish at attaching limbs) so that's a bonus. His ears are different to the pattern, I knitted them in seed stitch and attached them in a floppy style. What a cutie.

The Easter bunny and egg garland has been hung up now on the fireplace, I like the simplicity of it. The links for the patterns are on the previous post. Let me know if you make any as I would like to see what you have done with them. 

Thanks for stopping by.Bye for now.


  1. He certainly has got a cheeky face but he also looks very kind (in a 'hello, I'm bunny, may I help you' kind of way!) Perhaps a stripy jumper and coordinating shorts would be a good look? Jane x

  2. He looks like a 'Bobby' to me! He is so cute. Well done on finishing him and I agree with Plain Jane, a striped jumper would look perfect on him.I'm trying to 'follow' you but not having any luck with the Friends Connect thingy! Am I showing up on your list?