Monday, December 5, 2011

xmas decorations

Just wanted to show you my xmas decorations on my fireplace. I made the little knitted stockings garland last year, the pattern came from Little cotton rabbits blog and this year I added the crochet snowflakes, courtesy of Attic 24's blog. I'm really grateful to all these crafty people who share their patterns with the rest of us.


The following photos show my gorgeous tea light holders that I bought from Marks and Spencer about six years ago. They are ceramic and incredibly detailed and just look beautiful when the candle is burning inside. This house is actually square so it can be viewed from all angles but I just love the front view, that front door looks so inviting.

The fireplace looks so warming and the little cat is enjoying it.

How beautiful do they look? M&S haven't had these in store for years and their latest ones are not nearly as well made or as detailed as these. I'm so glad I bought them all those years ago, it really starts to feels like christmas when I get them out. Even Hubby admitted last night that it felt christmassy with all my homemade crafts around! But he was slightly annoyed that I hadn't got round to making the mince pies yet.


  1. Hi Susie , thank you for your comment. I love your red and white garland and your blue and white knitted blanket is amazing .
    Jacquie x

  2. Hi, I'm just passing by on a blog hop and am loving your decorations and homemade crafts, especially your knitted blanket with different stitches. Have a lovely Christmas.
    Love from Mum