Friday, January 6, 2012

Summer Flowers?

I'm sooo bored at the minute as I have to rest my hand. I was doing ok and actually attempted a small bit of crochet but I've suffered a setback and have to be really careful with it. It's so frustrating because to fill my time I browse other peoples blogs and admire all their beautiful creations and I'm so jealous as I just want to get on with mine. Anyway enough moaning, as it was a nice day today and those horrendous gales had died down I ventured into the garden for some fresh air. I was amazed at what is actually still flowering out there! It is January and this rose is in full bloom, a bit raggy granted but it has been battered by 70mph winds.  

This calendula is doing well and even has more buds to come

and in the greenhouse this scented Pelagonium is still flowering it's little heart out and smelling fantastic as well.

On another note, my new wool arrived to day, it's Rowan Creative Focus Worsted for a new project (when I get round to it) which I will tell you about at a later date. I ordered it from Deramores online shop, which I have just discovered. It's a really good service it turns up the next day if you order before 3pm. I'm really pleased with them and would certainly recommend them.

Anyway I'm going to attempt to publish this post and see if it works this time.

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