Thursday, May 10, 2012

A weekend at the coast

We escaped to the North Yorkshire coast at the weekend for Hubby's annual wargaming extravaganza.

He's been preparing for it since last years event but there was still lots of last minute panicking trying to finish painting these tiny figures, which he completed the night before we left. He had great fun meeting up with old friends and has already ordered his figures for next years event, talk about keen! Still now it's all over I can have his undivided attention (hopefully) to tackle some jobs I need doing.

This year we rented a cottage in the village and it turned out to be a real gem. This was the view from the kitchen, overlooking fields and a ruined castle, and look BLUE SKY and no rain! We were really lucky with the weather all weekend, it was a bit cold but it stayed dry. 

George and I had a brilliant time,on the first day we went to Scarborough. There was plenty to keep us entertained all day, shopping, ice creams, museums and penny arcades. Then back home for tea and a film. 

On the second day George and I were out early in order to get to Whitby for breakfast. Hubby was very jealous of this plan, he had to get his own before heading out for day 2 of his game. Of course when in Whitby the best breakfast is Whitby kippers, delicious, straight from the smokehouse up the road.

Again we had glorious blue skies, so ideal for a stroll along the empty beach.

By lunchtime after all the fresh air we were hungry and it would be rude not to have fish and chips, so that's what we had. We seemed to spend the whole weekend eating! 

We had a great day in Whitby, it is my favourite place and would love to live there. Maybe one day, a girl can dream. Back to the cottage where Hubby graced us with his presence for the evening as his game had finished and everybody had left. We were all completely exhausted so we flopped in front of another film.
I took my crochet with me but didn't actually get round to doing any, I was too tired at the end of each day to attempt it.It's all that sea air.The next day we went back to Scarborough for a visit to the Sea life Centre. We were there too early and it wasn't open so we wandered down the beach and found a cafe and had a hot chocolate, it really was bracing that morning.

I had planned to buy some wool while we were away so I could make this hot water bottle cover, but I couldn't get what I wanted so when we arrived back home, before Hubby ordered next year's figures, I got my wool order in. It came yesterday and I started straight away. It is my first attempt at fair isle and found it surprisingly easy and managed to do 35 rows without any problems. However when I picked it up today and casually glanced at the pattern I realised I had used the wrong sized needles and it was going to be too small! So I haven't got a photo to show you as I had to unravel the lot and start again! That will teach me not to read the pattern properly. 

That's all for now, back to the knitting.

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