Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New book and dreams

As promised here's a peek at my new book that arrived last week. Doesn't it look exciting? I spent many happy hours dreaming about which pair to make.

 Would it be this pair......

 or this pair.......

 or how about these gorgeous ones?

My mind was buzzing with excitement, I was going to rattle them all out one after the other, but then my dreams started to disintegrate as I tried to get to grips with knitting on four needles. It turned out to be a nightmare. I cast on, poked myself lots and then unravelled it many times. It just didn't seem to be as easy as I thought. I felt like throwing the whole lot out, I was so frustrated. But my good friend has just managed to do it so I couldn't give up that easily. Anyway I persevered and before long I had cracked it and it was quite easy. This is as far as I have got up to now.

Obviously I'm not doing any of the patterns out of the book as I need to start with a basic, plain sock. But watch this space.

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  1. Greetings from Wales....

    I was blog hopping - knitting blogs.... and I’m really pleased that I came upon yours. It was the Country Weekend Socks book that first caught my eye... I’d spotted it advertised in this month’s Country Living magazine.

    You see, after not having knit for many years, I had my first lesson on knitting socks on four needles last Saturday afternoon, so as you can imagine, right now, I am fired with enthusiasm, but like you, found coping with four needles quite a challenge... I dropped stitches off needles, found I’d loopy gaps in what I’d knitted between each needle and I’ve even left the fourth needle out and just knitted on three until to my horror I spotted it at my side..... I’ve also developed dreadful arm-ache. I think I am just too tense. I hope I soon discover a comfortable way of letting the two needles I’m not knitting on hang in a way that don’t get in the way.

    The friend who taught me was off to Helsinki on Monday..... I’m following her ‘verbal’ pattern, it’s one that has been passed down to the girls in her family for a few generations. I’m okay knitting down as far as the heel, then I have to wait for her return for my next lesson when I ‘attempt’ the heel.... that should be fun.

    I shall stop by again, I’m most interested in following your progress. Marion