Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My first post.

Welcome to my blog. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs so I thought I would create my own. It will contain all the things  I am interested in, knitting, gardening, cooking and hen-keeping. I have recently got back into knitting and am now obsessed, I cant put my needles down!  

This is my latest half finished project. The wool I am using is Madeline Tosh sock yarn in sugarplum it is gorgeous to work with. I am using the two needle method as it is easy but my next pair will be attempted on four needles. Will let you know how I get on. Off to carry on with knitting now.


  1. Lovely blogg can't wait for finished tank top.

  2. I loved knitting with the Madeline Tosh sock yarn - it felt really luxurious! I'd definitely recommend knitting socks on dpns - once you've got past the first few rounds, when you feel a bit like you're wrestling with a hedgehog, it's so easy - and when you've done the toe, no other finishing! You can wear it!

  3. Well done for finishing the tank top it looks fab, and yes dpns are quite a challenge happy knitting and hope to taste the marmalade soon x