Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free range no more.


The problem I've been having with these two pests is that they do.....

 this damage to the garden.

So I needed to find a solution before the growing season started as they can empty a veg bed of seedlings in record time. I found the ideal thing from Omlet, it is moveable netting.   

It arrived today and I'm really pleased with it. Its 25m long which is more than enough for my two chickens and it comes with 15 poles which are easy to attach.

It didnt take me long to put up on my own and my two unhelpful assistants were nicely contained. They are not happy as they are used to wandering wherever they want. I've fenced them into the veg patch for now so they can scratch around and eat all the nasties and fertilise the ground as they go. They come out at teatime and are put into their house with the aid of a nice treat of mealworms to thank them for their hardwork.

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