Saturday, February 25, 2012

An exciting delivery

We have been away for a few days and something exciting arrived in the post whilst we were away. Hubby was left to unload the car whilst I opened the package. Do you want to see what it was?

It's beautifully wrapped.

Ta- dah

Isn't it gorgeous? It's very colourful.

I ordered it from Julia Crossland a very talented artist who has done some fantastic work. I couldn't decide which print to go for as they all caught my eye. I thought this one was just right for Spring, I may indulge in another one or two in the coming months, luckily Hubby liked them all as well that there probably wont be much argument. Next job is to take it to the framers, while I'm there I will get my potato print owl done as well as it is sat patiently in the bedroom waiting to be properly displayed.

Did you spot the nice chicken jug?

I had a lovely day out in beautiful Southwell last week and treated myself to it. It's handmade by Racheal White in a little pottery shop in the town and decorated by her exclusively for an independent shop called The Henhouse. I thought it would come in useful to store my crochet hooks in. It lives on the mantelpiece in an arty way but Hubby is very aggrieved because he thinks his paintbrushes should be allowed up there and I completely disagree after all it's me that does the dusting and home making so the dirty, untidy brushes are banished to his untidy study.

A quick update from the coop, both Matilda and Hazel are now best of friends. Matilda has really picked up although she still isn't laying but her feathers are growing back and she's more interested in what is going on around her. Hazel hasn't started to lay yet but she is getting bossier and a bit harder to catch when she escapes from her run. Here they are sharing some melon, a little treat as we have been away and abandoned them ( they actually get spoilt rotten by the neighbours when we are away.)


  1. I love that particular Julia Crossland print ~ i treated myself to it last year too :O)x

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. I know what you mean about the fit, I think I've been lucky so far! It's a worry though!

    S x