Thursday, February 9, 2012

Matilda's new friend

Meet Hazel, she is a speckledy hybrid. She's not old enough yet to lay eggs, I reckon we have about another month to wait to see what colour she produces. I think it might be a dark brown. You can tell by looking at her comb how near to laying age she is. Hers isn't very obvious at the moment, it needs to grow larger and become redder.     

She is incredibly cute and cuddly and just wants to sit on my knee and have a stroke, something Amber and Matilda never did. When I let her out of her run she jumps up onto my shoulder and sits there for a little while until her balance goes and she struggles to hold on. Matilda isn't very keen on the newbie, but she has perked up. She is eating and drinking again, if only to stop Hazel from having anything. She is still missing Amber and spends a lot of the day standing quietly in a corner, but hopefully the youngster's antics will keep her occupied.
At the minute Matilda is trying to express her position in the pecking order and Hazel is most definitely at the bottom! It seems quite brutal at times but Hazel has learnt quickly to stay out of her way. She runs to me for protection and hides behind my legs. But Matilda better watch out because when Hazel matures she will be bigger than Matilda and then we will see who rules the roost! I'm hoping that in a few days time they will both have settled down and become the best of friends.

Bye for now, I will be back soon with more Tales from the coop. 

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