Friday, February 25, 2011

The growing season

We (well my hubby mainly) spent most of last sunday tidying up my very untidy greenhouse ready for the new growing season. I should do it at the end of the last growing season but I can never be bothered. As soon as I opened the door to take the photo the girls decided they wanted to be in their favourite place...  

an old growbag. They have spent most of the winter scratching and dust bathing in here. But it needed to go.

 Poor old Amber looks confused with the nice clean and tidy arrangement. I wonder where they will choose next to dustbathe? No doubt it will be somewhere inappropriate.

I've been itching to get started on seed sowing but Little T and I have been away most of the week visiting parents, he is still there as he didn't want to come home with me! It's more fun at grandparents obviously. Anyway it gave me a chance to get on with some much needed gardening. So today I sowed some trays of sweetpeas. These can be sown in autumn to give earlier flowers but I prefer to do it in spring.

Now that's done I feel positively spring like. As the weather has warmed up a bit the immediate reaction is to rush out and sow all sorts of things but I err on the side of caution and leave it a while longer, as later sowings do tend to catch up.
                     I forgot to plant tulips in my old wine crates near the back door last year so I bought these sprouted ones today for 99p each, what a bargain. I transferred them to the crates, but planted them slightly deeper than they originally were and hopefully they will grow on okay.

I had to distract the girls with some melon as they thought I needed some help to get the job done properly.

Before  I go I wanted to show you this twiggy shrub ( must apologise for the bad photos, I shall have to practise). 

It's a Viburnum plicatum  "mariesii", not much to look at now but give it a few weeks and it will be stunning. Call back and I will keep you updated with it's progress. 


  1. Is there no stopping you? So very productive, well done with the crochet it's brill and now I've seen those scones that what I'll be making this afternoon.