Friday, February 11, 2011


Well I have successfully finished my four needle socks and am feeling rather pleased with myself. They fit well and feel very comfy. And yes they are for my feet as my feet are that small!

Now they are finished I will have a rest from wrestling with multi needles and go back to two. I started this blanket in November, isn't it divine? 

It's made using Rowan Denim which fades and shrinks when it's washed, so I've washed the squares  separately before I sew them together to avoid colour run, it would be heartbreaking if it was ruined after all that work. 
It uses a variety of techniques including beadwork which I thought would be difficult but is actually quite easy and interesting to do. I have made 30 squares so far...

 only another 50 to go then. Better get cracking. Will keep you updated on my progress.  


  1. love this, it is very pretty and great colors!

  2. wow theyre really lovely and i hope the other 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 work out really well

  3. Just found your lovely blog, well done, those socks look great..............welcome to the world of sock knitting from one very sock obsessed knitter.

    florrie x