Sunday, February 6, 2011

A weekend away

We have just got back from a fabulous weekend in Whitby. We have been going there since we were little but because we lived in the North-east we never stayed over so this was our first time and it was great. This was our cottage

it was right at the bottom of the Abbey steps ( for those of you who know the area). For those of you who dont this was the view out of the front windows, isn't it fab?

And this was the view out of our bedroom window -absolutely stunning isn't it? We could lie in bed with a coffee and marvel at the view. 

Our bedroom was up in the rafters and on the first night a gale was blowing - the noise was unbelievable and the house shook. I couldnt sleep so I sneaked down a floor to little T's room where it wasn't so noisy, and slept there.
           We packed lots into the weekend, we did plenty of walking, eating, shopping and fossil hunting. Whitby is fantastic for fossils and Little T managed to find plenty for his collection. Here he is looking wistfully out to sea waiting for the tide to go out so he can get cracking.

Doesn't it look picturesque?

 Yes my 10 year old son is nearly as tall as me!

Of course I can't go anywhere without a bit of retail therapy. We bought this fantastic picture from a little  gallery- Whitby galleries. It's by a local artist Linda Golding and it really grabbed our attention, so now it's hanging on our wall.

I also had to buy a new ball of sock wool from a wool shop in an old Methodist church, it's a real experience!
 The purse is to keep loose change in if I ever have any left.

Can't wait to go back again. Off now to have tea- Whitby Kippers, delicious. 

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